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Alaska Quarterly Review

Volume 27, No. 1 & 2

Spring & Summer 2010



Innovative Fiction: 21 Writers
Amy Hempel, Guest Editor
Introduction Amy Hempel

No One Will Ever Marry You, You Know

Patricia Lear
My Music Lily Tuck
Fire in the Taxidermy Shop Mi Ditmar
Girl Peter Markus
The Woman with High Heels Paola Peroni
El Paso Daryl Scroggins
How the Past Retruns
For the Record
The Ride Home from Church
What Remains  
Compost Conversion  
Quarter John Rybicki
Sell It Back to Me Katie Arnold-Ratliff
Bricks Robert Lopez
Hell on Church Street Blues  
Chop Suey  
The Turn Worming  
Flesh Michael Ahn
Up 58 South Jamie Quatro

The End of Something 

Nick Falgout
And the Harps Play Us Off*  

The Social Life of Mice

Megan Mayhew-Bergman
I Had It Out Anna DeForest
The Last Day of Summer James Donovan
Did You See Me See You? Patricia Volk
An Unexpected Pleasure Christopher Kennedy
Excerpts from Hall of Mirrors
Timothy Liu
Mirrors Joe Stracci
The Day Before Christmas Eve  
Success Story Julia Slavin
We Are Not Shelter Men  
Famous Last Words Bernard Cooper

*Note: And the Harps Play Us Off was attributed in error to Christopher Kennedy in the print version.

How to Write a Good Sentence: A Manual for Writers Who Know How to Write Correct Sentences
Arnold G. Nelson
The Love Hotel  
Heather Kirn
The Peace Dome  
Water Notes   Carolyn Stoloff

Dream of Early Life Beneath the Waves
Dan Stryk
The Rowboat   Michael Hettich

Old Sayings Apply in Here
Rob Talbert
School Yard   Doug Ramspeck

The Fat Man Sings of Despair
George Looney
This Poem   Dan O'Brien

My Mother, at Six, Speaks to Me
Jeanne Emmons
Cutting Apples   Michael Salcman

Rubia Writes a Poem about Light for a Contest
Amy Groshek

The Sky I Die by Will be Grey
Todd Boss
The Death of a Scholar   Andrew Merton
Your Date with Death    
The Mortician's Fiance   Sara McKinnon
Mass Grave at Shiloh   James Doyle
The May of Winter   Elizabeth Swados

Fight or Flight
Christine Butterworth-McDermott
Ultrasound Aubade   Amber Flora Thomas

Cavity in the Rubenesque Facade
Meditation of Four West    


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