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Alaska Quarterly Review

Volume 27, No. 3 & 4

Fall & Winter 2010



Storm Pattern Don Lago


Bingo Night Linda LeGarde Grover

Last Stand

Scott Bear  Don't Walk
Schnecks Mark Wisniewski
As Meaningless as the Origin Bojan Louis

Moonlight, Starlight, Boogie Won't Be Out Tonight

Jenny Shank
Chrysanthemums* Richard N. Bentley* 
Orange Blossoms Aurelie Sheehan
Nobody's Business Victoria Patterson

*Editor’s Note: An alert reader of AQR, to whom we are grateful, has pointed out numerous similarities in Richard N. Bentley’s  story, “Chrysanthemums,” and the work of a well-published poet. The poet does not feel that a public apology or reparations are necessary. We respect the poet’s generosity and compassion.  Nonetheless, we at AQR do feel it appropriate to apologize to both you, our readers, and to the poet, for this unfortunate event. It is the first such occasion in our 28 years of publication and we sincerely hope also the last.


Proof of Identity
K. C. Eib
Louisville, 1953 Judy Copeland
Twigmas Ben Miller

Leap Year

Holly Welker
Sitting by the River Susan Fox Rogers


Nina Feng


Reception, Cascade, Inc. David Guterson
Traffic Elizabeth Bradfield

Regarding the Absent Heat of Your Skin on Letters I Receive While at Sea

In the Inner Harbor

The Gringo Called Ñakak

Orlando Ricardo Menes

Ghazal for Mango


Susanna Childress
The Woman Who Looks Up Colette Inez
Telescopic Interior Suzanne Buffam
Man on the Dump Donald Platt
Landscape with a Dead Goat Octavio Quintanilla
Sonnet for Human Smugglers


Bus to Mnajdra Temple Cathryn Hankla

Postcards: {x, f(x), F(x)}
Mary Peelen

In a Café on Corrientes

Ines P. Rivera Prosdocimi

Reflections on a Country Road

David Wagoner
Deodand Gary Fincke
The Beheaded  
Let Us Know Knute Skinner
Words from Storm Mountain Dick Allen

Lazarus Hearing His Name Called

Sheila Sanderson

Tobias and the Archangel Raphael

Charles Wyatt

Madonna and Child in Majesty Surrounded by Angels
Preacherbird Martha Zweig

The Catbird as Wladslawa Szymborska

John Surowiecki

Should the Fox Come Again to My Cabin in the Snow

Patricia Fargnoli
Under the Redwoods Danusha Laméris

While Camping at Fortescue Bay, Tasmania

Stuart Cooke
Sky-Blue, Grass-Green Melissa Stein
The Color Zero Pack Browning
Theodicy Joe Wilkins

The Day We Finish Painting the Bedroom, My Wife's Father Emails Us His Suicide Note
The Protector Thea Lawson

What I Was Thinking Before Giving the Eulogy at My Mom's Funeral

Jo-Anne Cappeluti

Miners Trapped in Crandall Canyon Mine

John Spaulding
Counting Them Arthur Vogelsang
Afterlife: Without Apples Susanna Mishler
Afterlife: Dust in Her Clothes  


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Fishing nets in Kodiak, Alaska.

© 2010 Clark James Mishler

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