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Alaska Quarterly Review

Volume 28, No. 3 & 4

Fall & Winter 2011



Dangerous Doctors
John Gamel
Growing Up Among Skeletons and Radios

Adriana Páramo
The Vacuum

Jackie Bang
The Canceled Invitation (Notes on Griffith Park) Wes Hempel

350 Pounds

Marybeth Holleman


Peggy Shinner

Mother's Hands

David Singyke

An Accidental Dictionary

Charles Wyatt
Dead Girls
Andrew Peery

The Widow's Grievance

Mary Kuryla


Kara Levy

What Broken Water Brings to Boiling

Quintan Ana Wikswo
Stones Becky Hagenston

If You Help the Same People Too Often

J. Malcolm Garcia

My Neighbor

Susan Kim Campbell
In the World Below Nathan Oates
Inheritance Jody Azzouni
To Ashes Richard Lange


Alternative Etiologies of the Common Cold Greg Vargo
A Passage

Living With the War

In the Gambler's Loneliness, Intimations of the Eternal

Pulling Up Stakes
David Wagoner


Water Saints

Kelli Russell Agodon

Words for "Water"

Kathleen Spivack
The Blind Skater
Genesis, Quetzal
Peggy Shumaker

Tent Revival

Strangler Fig

What She Calls Eternity

Heather Kirn Lanier

Terminal Illness Through the Wrong End of a Spyglass

Anna George Meek


Meredith Davies Hadaway

Sasquatch Goes All Darwin on Your Ass Sherman Alexie

Goodbye, DDT, Goodbye

But All is to be Dared, Because Even a Person of Poverty

Sonja Livingston

Amazing Grace Man

Ricardo Pau-Llosa

A Hundred Words for Loser

Rebecca Lehmann


Susan Rich

Picking the Kitten

Faith Shearin

Of Moment

Margaret B. Ingraham
Smoking Together Carl Mayfield


Bruce Bond

The Need

Michael Hettich

Two Horned Lizards That were Not My Newly-Divorced Parents

Jon Boisvert

At the Angel Museum

Gary Fincke

The Smallest Barometer

Jen McClanaghan

The Jewish Woman Remembers Deuteronomy 6: 6-9

Rachel Mennies

Shark Week

John Hodgen

Night Driving

Lucy Bucknell


Kurt Olsson

Darkened and Forgetful

Doug Ramspeck

Dream Snake

One Life

Jonathan Wells

After Curfew

Hugh Martin


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About the Cover

A traditional Tlingit dugout canoe encounters fishing boats while en route to Juneau, Alaska.

© 2011 by Clark James Mishler

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