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Alaska Quarterly Review

 "Fresh treasure."

-- The New York Times Book Review

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Current Issue

Volume 30, No. 3 & 4

Fall & Winter 2013



Afghan Americans: Diptychs


Andrea Bruce
Aman Mojadidi

Mustafa Ali Nouri

Mina Sherzoy

Shoaib Sharifi

Rameen Javid

Ariel Nasr

Koukaba Mojadidi

Tooba Mayel

Hassina Sherjan



A Ride Out of Phrao
Dina Nayeri
The Cause of Everything
Nicholas S. Lepre
PursuitJustin Kramon
Jeremy Rabinowitz is Available
Carol Edelstein

Across the Channel

T. Sean Steele

In the Snake's Mouth

J. F. Glubka

She Can Paint Too

Jody Azzouni
BricksCarol K. Howell
Castle Freeman, Jr.
The Long Road Turns to Joy
Robin MacArthur

The Missing Sister
Julie Marie Wade

Peach Pie on Badstreet

Matthew Gavin Frank


Paul Crenshaw
A Man of FashionMary Kudenov


Corinna Cook


He Watches the Weather Channel Carrie Shipers
At the Sadness Factory

Love Poem for the Radium Girls
Eric Weinstein

Runaway Green Tea Effect

Nouvelle Vague

Kathleen Winter

The Garden Party

The River

Elizabeth Barnett

The Horses Didn't Die
The Blind Madonnas Sylvia Foley
Attributed to Qu DingMark Sullivan
Space Bears and DoxologyCharlotte Pence
Wanted: A Pretty Picture
Assumption John Lundberg
At the Loom
James Doyle


Jeanne Emmons

Credo Kathryn Hunt


Kara van de Graaf

Foster Child

William Notter

Paddlewheeler to Sugarloaf Mountain
Andrew H. Oerke

Marx's Family

Garret Keizer
Against the Wind
Elisabeth Murawski

The First Snowfall in the Al Anbar Province Since 1991
Kyle Adamson

How We Give Ourselves
Gary H. Holthaus

A Tree Full of Cherries for the First Time

Anne Love Woodhull
Big Leaf Maple Elizabeth Myhr

So Many
Donald Platt

Dinner Party

Julia Lisella

Movie Drunks

Maxine Scates

Long Distance

Ciara Shuttleworth


Lauren Hilger

Reveille with Fire Alarms

  George David Clark

The Precious BookPatricia Fargnoli
First Day at Indiana State Teacher's College, 1926Jill Kress Karn

Free Will with Small Yellow Truck
Marylen Grigas

Playing Bach's 3-Part Invention #9

Jean Janzen
Sedna the Arctic Sea GoddessHila Ratzabi

Revelations of the Parietal
Angie Macri

Music at My Mother's Funeral
Faith Shearin

Things We're All Too Young to Know

My Weight On Other Planets
Galaxias Kyklos
Sarah M. Brownsberger

Cesarean Section

Deliquescence: A Meditation in Seven Parts

Elizabeth Bradfield


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Autumn's first freeze, Anchorage, Alaska.

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