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selections have been reprinted in Harper's, Small Press and numerous collections.


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Tribute: “Alaska Quarterly Review Day”

--Municipality of Anchorage


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University of Alaska


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Alaska Quarterly Review Continues
to Garner International Attention

"Off the Beaten Track with the Alaska Quarterly Review" - Listen Now

AQR at Twenty-Five (1982-2007)

AQR Celebrates 25th Birthday

Commendation from the Governor

Praise of Alaska Native Writers, Storytellers & Orators

"Camera Amid Chaos"


"That one of the nation's best literary magazines comes out of Alaska may seem surprising,  but so it is."

-- The Washington Post Book World

"Fresh treasure."

-- The New York Times Book Review 

"Alaska Quarterly Review is playing an impressive part in our national literature. Congratulations on publishing such wonderful stories."

--Laura Furman, Series Editor

   O. Henry Prize Stories

"AQR is highly recommended and deserves applause."

-- Bill Katz, Library Journal

"The magazine has a wonderful sense of place about it, and it conveys Alaska without being parochial. It's not pushing a particular agenda. There's no coterie of writers made up of the editor's friends. The work is original and fresh."

-- Stuart Dybek, Contributing Editor

"When all is said and done, Ronald Spatz and his crack team of editors put together one hell of a magazine. Read it cover to cover; put it on your coffee table; impress your friends. This magazine's so hot, it makes any number of editors in the lower-48 look like they're living in the ice age."

--John McNally
 Literary Magazine Review

"...Among the top literary journals in America... Alaska Quarterly Review is holding its creative course and staying true to its original vision of promoting new writers and giving a home to fresh voices on the writing scene. ...This is storytelling at its finest."

--Phoebe Kate Foster
PopMatters Associate Books Editor

"...all of America is far richer artistically because of the review's presence...a worthy stage for the serious works of all writers. I commend it and its contributors for its many achievements, and I know members of the U.S. Senate join me in wishing it continued literary success."

   -- Tribute to Alaska Quarterly Review
    Senator Frank Murkowski
    U.S. Senate

"Congratulations for publishing one of the best among the literary magazines!"

-- Carol Houck Smith
    Editor, W.W.

"A national presence."

--Patricia Hampl 
   Contributing  Editor

"Good fiction shows us the inside of things--a community, a job, a relationship, the human heart. Great fiction can sometimes show all of these things working together; it lifts us briefly above the event horizon of our own day-to-day existences and gives us a dreamlike (and godlike) sense of understanding what life itself is about. Cary Holladay's "Merry-Go-Sorry" is one of those rare and always welcome stories."

--Stephen King
   Prize Jury, O. Henry Prize Stories

   On AQR award-winning short 
Cary Holladay

"Adding to the poetry, fiction, and essays that the Alaska Quarterly Review has been publishing for twenty-three years, at the University of Alaska, Anchorage, the Fall/Winter issue of the journal, edited by Ronald Spatz, includes an eighty-page photo essay (eighty pages!) that is unique in both content and scope. In “Chechnya: A Decade of War,” photojournalist Heidi Bradner documents the Chechen Republic's decade-long battle for independence from Russia. An image of Russian soldiers searching a mass grave in Grozny is balanced by the image of a family returning to the shattered remains of their home in a Chechen village. The feature includes photographs from both sides of what Brander calls “Europe's longest-running but least visible war."

--Kevin Larimer, Senior Editor 
  Poets & Writers Magazine

Chechnya: a Decade of War: "Camera Amid Chaos"

--Anchorage Daily News

"AQR is an impressive publication, comprising as diverse and rewarding an aggregation of work as a reader is likely to find in any literary journal."

-- Patrick Parks 
    Literary Magazine Review


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