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Author Index

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Ilg, Mary Elizabeth A Thing So Clear 18(1&2): 81
Inez, Colette The One Looking to Be Born 22(3&4): 209
Inez, Colette Morning, the Couple 22(3&4): 210
Inez, Colette The Woman Who Looks Up 27(3&4): 202
Inez, ColetteAs California Edges Towards Alaska33(1&2): 216 
Ingraham, Margaret B. Of Moment 28(3&4): 246
Irwin, Mark Where 28(1&2): 228 
Isenbarger, Stacy (BASK Collective)Lines31(3&4): 212 
Ito-Adler, James Three Letters to Howard: An Interpretation of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 4(3&4): 187
Iwanaga, Ryan Evening Bath 14(3&4): 181

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