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Yaffe, Lauren Fish in Aspic 7(1&2): 79
Yanover, Lisa At the Dead Sea 16(3&4): 169
Yong, EmilyElliot Darling, When the Time Comes: Do Not Resuscitate32(3&4): 277 
Young, Al Love Listening to Lionel Hampton Play the Vibraharp 19(3&4): 268
Young, Al Michigan Water (or, How Lake Superior Informs Us) 19(3&4): 269
Young, Al  In Praise of Spirit  25(1&2): 244 
Young, C. Dale  La Revancha del Tango  25(1&2): 245 
Young, Gary "It's Sunday, October Ninth" 14(3&4): 193
Young, KevinGravity29(3&4): 233
Yourdon, Jamie Nash You Walked Here in Sunshine 19(3&4): 105
Yu, Charles Autobiographical Raw Material Unsuitable for the Mining of Fiction 21(1&2): 73
Yurdana, Matt Meditation on a Hemlock 16(3&4): 201
Yuzna, Susan The Cage 17(1&2): 238
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