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Alaska Quarterly Review

Volume 11, No. 3 & 4

Spring & Summer 1993


The Line Raymond Federman
Dance of Eights Wendell Mayo
Debra J. Quaal
Sighting Kathleen George
We're in Meadville . . . Sharon Dilworth
Our Unattractive Dancing Tracy Philpot
The Music of Desire Marjorie K. Cole
Racing Gregg Palmer
Spiders Shen Christenson
Comfort Tony Whedon
The Cook Edith Pearlman
Wherever You Are, You're Already Gone Geoff Schmidt
Farewell the Catastrophe Works:
     A Play in One Act
Red Shuttleworth

The Bones of the Butterfly O! Happy Alligator
E.G. Skrande
Ursus Cara Chamberlain
To Love Like That Jane Leer
Healing Holly

Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg

Refrain for the Young Athlete

Katherine Soniat

Dancing Backwards

Anne Caston

My Father's Love Song

Beth Simon

Art Class

Susan Rea

Stillborn Cynthia Read Gardner
Croquet Cynthia Read Gardner
October Barry Sternlieb
Rallarros Donna J. Waidtlow
Story Hunger Jerah Chadwick
At Newgrange Jerah Chadwick
Carp Elizabeth Myhr
The Folklore of Waitresses Megan Sexton
Bird Wanting Mary Jane Ryals
Chicken House Carolyn Page
Gathering Carolyn Page
Working Crosscut

Samuel Green


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About the Cover

Low tide along Turnagain Arm creates an ever changing pattern of light, water and glacial silt. In season, the Arm hosts large schools of salmon and hooligan as well as pods of beluga and orca (killer) whales.

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