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Alaska Quarterly Review

VOLUME 12 - NO. 1 & 2

Fall & Winter 1993




Looking Down on this Vast Space that Could Be Mine: An Interview with Rosellen Brown
How to Win
  Going to See the Rainbows  
  Renata (from Autobiography of My Mother)  

Prologue to Civil Wars

  Prologue to Before and After  
  Absolute for Death  
  A Wry Music  
  Coming to This  
  That Table (from Cora Fry)  
  Don't Just Sit There: Writing as a Polymorphous Peverse Pleasure
  Donald Barthelme: A Preliminary Account  
  ROSELLEN BROWN was born and raised around New York and educated at Barnard and Brandeis. Currently a professor of creative writing at the University of Houston, Brown is married and the mother of two daughters. Her distinguished body of work includes four acclaimed novels, Before and After, Civil Wars, Tender Mercies, Autobiography of My Mother; a collection of short stories, Street Games; two volumes of poetry, Cora Fry and Some Deaths in the Delta; a collection of prose and poetry, A Rosellen Brown Reader; and uncollected essays, articles, and plays.

Cynthia Ozick has said of her work, "Rosellen Brown can do anything with language…she can engender and render five emotions simultaneously, and throw over a whole novel a skein of sureness and sympathy." And as Robert Boswell has written, "Rosellen Brown is one of our best writers…she provides a strong answer to the critics who claim contemporary fiction doesn’t matter."


On the Way

Pamela S. Gross

  Pamela S. Gross is a 1992 MFA graduate of Florida International University. Her recent fiction has appeared in George Washington Review and Sundog.


Stuart Dybek

  Stuart Dybek's stories appear widely in magazines, including The New Yorker, The Atlantic and Antaeus. He is the author of two books of stories, Childhood and Other Neighborhoods and The Coast of Chicago. A chapbook of short prose pieces, The Story of Mist, will be published by State Street Press in late 1993.


Susan Barnes

  Susan Barnes is a writer and painter living in New York City. One of her paintings was recently used to illustrate a book of poetry by Robert Creeley. Earthquake was initially published in book form by Turtle Point Press (hand set, limited edition, 1990).


Victoria Redel

  Victoria Redel has published stories in a wide range of magazines including The New England Review, Story Quarterly and The Quarterly. Her collection of short fiction, Where the Road Bottoms Out is forthcoming from Knopf in 1994.

The Arab Table

Amber Dorko

  Amber Dorko is a recent recipient of a creative writing fellowship from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and has published fiction in The Northwest Review and Long Shot.


Julie Esther Fisher

  Julie Esther Fisher has a story forthcoming in Other Voices. This is her second appearance in AQR.


Linda Moore Spencer

  Linda Moore Spencer leads creative writing workshops in Northampton, Massachusetts. Her recent work appears in Wisconsin Review, Paragraph, Poetry East and Portland Magazine. She is currently at work on a novel, Certain Accommodations. This is her third appearance in AQR.


Linda Andrews

Temporary Shelters
  Linda Andrews has won an Academy of American Poets prize and a Richard Blessing Award. Her poetry has appeared in Nimrod, Poetry Northwest, Seattle Review, Cream City Review and other literary magazines.


Alice Derry

Does Your Mind Work Like the Rain ?
  Alice Derry's first volume of poems, Stages of Twilight, won the 1986 King County Arts (Seattle) Publication Award. A chapbook, Getting Used to the Body, appeared in 1989 from Sagittarius Press.

My Mother at the Pond

Adam Nicholas

  Adam Nicholas lives in Kansas City. This is his first published poem.


Vanessa Haley

Snapping Turtle, 1963
  Vanessa Haley has poems forthcoming in the Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review and has had work recently in Iris: A Journal about Women, and the South Florida Poetry Review. This is her second appearance in AQR.

Puffin Hunter

Ted Benttinen

  Ted Benttinen has recent poems in the Beloit Poetry Journal, Kenyon Review, Massachusetts Review, Sewanee Review, and Southern Review. This is his second appearance in AQR.

The Flaming Car

David Starkey

  David Starkey's poems have appeared in Chariton Review, Greensboro Review, Kansas Quarterly, Laurel Review, and other journals. He teaches at Francis Marion University.

Angelus Novus

Brian Culhane

  Brian Culhane has recent poems in Western Humanities Review and Boulevard. This is his third appearance in AQR.


Martin Palmer

  Martin Palmer's recent work appears in the anthologies Men on Men 3, Hometowns, and A Member of the Family, all published by Dutton. This is his second appearance in AQR.

In an August Garden, along the Path in Tenakee Springs

Sheila Nickerson

  Sheila Nickerson's most recent book is Feast of the Animals: An Alaska Bestiary, Vol. II (Old Harbor Press). This is her second appearance in AQR.


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