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Alaska Quarterly Review

Volume 2, No. 3 & 4

Spring & Summer 1984


Steven Winn
Soul In The Temple Of Light Sharon Lynn Pugh
Fish Story
Nellie Hill
The Fare Mark O'Hara
No Malice Ben Brooks
Trillium Is A Number
Hillel Schwartz
Christina's World Jean W. Peterson
The Realm In Which Will . . . Ron Lieber
Mrs. Hudson Sells Her Farm

Gerry Tiffany

On A Falling Note

Ruth Feldman

Wearing The Dead

Phillip Foss, Jr.

Dried Flowers

Elmaz Abinader

Walking In

Greg Kuzma

Vanishing Point

Tony Magistrale

The Transcendence Of Time: Memory And Imagination In The Writings Of Nabokov
Robert A. Papinchak
Transforming Presence: The Mother Archetype In Golding's Novels
Mary Loftin Grimes
Decentered Subjectivity And The New Humanism Calvin O. Schrag
Decay And The Severing Of Opposites In The Writings Of Faulkner Cynthia LeClaire


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About the Cover

"Christmas Trees" are used to cap an oil well. The photograph is of ARCO's Prudhoe Bay Drill Site Number 1, among the first drilled by ARCO in the early 1970s. Each "tree" represents a pipe that draws oil from a 160-acre area. They are drilled straight down through 2,000 feet of permafrost, then are drilled at an angle. They go as deep as 9,000 feet.

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