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Alaska Quarterly Review

Volume 3, No. 1 & 2

Fall & Winter 1984


Gotta Sing
Greg Jenkins
Gypsies Nancy Potter
Joan Michelson
Cafe Society Ronald F. Turner
Empire Distributors Susan Land
Cats and Dogs Peter Bricklebank
James Sallis
Early the Sumac Turns Red David Wyatt
Spices From Ancient Capitals David Wyatt
Off The Road

David Wyatt


Joe Stout


Bill Aberg

Old Woman in Winter

Paul Ruffin

The Horrible Praise

Ken Poyner

The Pragmatist

Ken Poyner

The Divorce

Ken Poyner

Common Senses

Ken Poyner

The Bread and Puppet Circus Paul Marion
The Drowned Boy Mark Hurdelsh
Grandmother, A Caribbean Indian, Described By My Father Yvonne Sapia
The Goodtime II On The Cuyahoga River Kathleen Atkins
The Role of the Artist: An Examination of Some Uncollected Short Stories By Robert Coover
Richard Andersen
Henry Wiggen And The Turbid Heraclitean Flux: An Essay On Mark Harris' Baseball Novels
William W. Combs
Sartre: From Touch To Truth Debra B. Bergoffen
Toward A Theory of Reading: A Sartrean Contribution To Reader-Response Criticism Alan D. Schrift


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About the Cover

The old abandoned Kennecott copper mine, located within the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, is a national historic landmark six miles from the village of McCarthy. The mine opened in 1911 and closed in 1938. The first load of copper ore shipped out by rail was so pure (70%) that it was shoveled into sacks as it came from the mountain.

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