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Alaska Quarterly Review

Volume 5, No. 1 & 2

Fall & Winter 1986


Leaving the South
Melinda Johns
That Long Body of Hers Julie Esther Fisher
The Conversion of Jefferson Scotten
Vickie Winslow Chesser
from Silver Grass Donna Mack
What to Do When a Storm Comes Ray Cosseboom
The Onlooker Frederick K. Semken
What Do the Dead Know Next to the Living? Barbara Haas
Fix David Sosnowski
Toussaint Ronald F. Turner
The Arab Swimming Pool Paul Witherington
Gwenda Edwin Ritchie
Paulo and Francesca
John Haines
The Vision of Marsden Hartley John Haines
From the Workshop of Brancusi and Giacometti John Haines

Sara Raymond

Sandra Eacker

After Charles Baudelaire (I)

Wayne Koestenbaum

After Charles Baudelaire (II)

Wayne Koestenbaum

After Charles Baudelaire (III)

Wayne Koestenbaum

Pieces of Sky

Linda Schandelmeier

Song, what the moon means

Doug Marx

On a Bright Morning
Joanne Townsend
The Halibut
Leslie Leyland Fields
Hiroshima Maidens: Imaginary Translations from the Japanese Daniel James Sundahl


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About the Cover

"Crab Pots" stacked on the beach in Homer, Alaska, await the fishing season. Crabbing in Alaska was at its peak in 1981 with a $210 million harvest of king, dungeness, and snow (tanner) crab. The fishery currently sustains a $75 million to $100 million industry.

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