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Alaska Quarterly Review

Volume 5, No. 3 & 4

Spring & Summer 1987


A Transient Harmony
Terry Wiggs
Daniel Merrill Jack Gould
Diane Glancy
The Fifth Time Martha Tiffany
Vreelund Jean Anderson
Nollie's Baby Alice Blanchard
The Men Who Woke Up the Squirrels Dennis Post
Second Person Cris Mazza
Living Near the Edge Barbara Arno Modrack
Gerald Cable
Singer Sewing Machine Michel J. Englebert
Tornado (For My Father) Robert Hedin
Cane River Nocturne

Stephen Knauth

The Uranium Mines

Claudia Buckholts

The Harvest

Alice Friman

The Recovery

Daniel Bourne

The Fisher in the Fog

Diane Reynolds

At Four in the Morning

Diane Reynolds

Air, Lilies, Water

Diane Reynolds

How it Feels to Fit Inside a Definition

Diane Reynolds

After the Blow Paul Ruffin
The Black Prince: Iris Murdoch and the Non-Traditional Novel Steven Strang
The Politics of Literary Theory Martin Donougho


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About the Cover

Last used by Exxon in Norton Sound in 1985 and Arco in Cook Inlet in 1984, "The Key Hawaii," a state-of-the-art jack-up exploratory oil drilling rig, rests in storage in Resurrection Bay near Seward, Alaska. The sharp drop in world-wide oil prices in 1986 has brought much of the planned oil exploration in Alaska to a halt.

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