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Alaska Quarterly Review

Volume 9, No. 1 & 2

Fall & Winter 1990


The Stories Our Memory Tells Us: An Interview with Tobias Wolff
The Rich Brother
The Other Miller
Citizenship in the Home (from This Boy’s Life: A Memoir)
A Call from Kotzebue
Ben Groff
Brown Town Linda Heller
King's Birthday
Maria Flook
After-Effect Deborah J. Schupack
Ghosts Ruth Fairbanks
Hog Island H.E. Francis
Leaving the Island
T. Alan Broughton
White Figurehead at Isla Negra Peggy Shumaker
Kachemak Bay Peggy Shumaker
Biological Clock

Peggy Shumaker

Hanna Zoe

Peggy Shumaker

Elbow Room

Peggy Shumaker

Exit Glacier

Peggy Shumaker

Two Writers (Female and Male) Meet in an Out of the Way Villanelle and Exchange Fewer Words Than Are in the Title

Sandra Nelson

Something About This Time of Year Trish Rucker
Letting Go Trish Rucker
An Afternoon in Pangbourne Marc Harshman
Promises Marc Harshman
Song Edward Baratta
What Self?: Notes on Modern First
Person Narrative
John C. Hampsey


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About the Cover

Four hundred miles up the Yukon River at Kaltag, Alaska, Dolly Solomon and Hazel Olsen work with their mother, Mary Lene Esmailda, to clean and split their salmon catch for drying. All five species of salmon run in the Yukon, although chum and chinook (king) salmon are the primary subsistence fish in this village. Approximately 6,000 chum and 1,100 chinook are harvested here in an average year.

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