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Alaska Quarterly Review

Volume 25, No. 3 & 4

Fall & Winter 2008


Returns: A Play in One Act Joshua Casteel


Stuart Dybek
Angel Michael Buckley
Regions of Unlikeness Amy Quan Barry
Commerce, an Old Habit

Thomas Gough

A Psychic, A Seizure, A Chair Sage Marsters

My Mother's Funeral

Paola Peroni

Second City Robert Glick
The Miracles of Saint Marx Tamas Dobozy

Edward Mullany

The Strawberry Joseph Harms
The Mausoleum Kristen Cosby

Bonnie Jo Campbell
My Evil is Lucky Kathryn Kefauver
Carapace Julie Marie Wade

Four Beds

Joan Steinau Lester
Ex-Monk at the Packing House
Burlee Vang
When the Dead Stop By  Joan I. Siegel

Angiogram of a Brain

Carol Quinn

Study of Elsie as Window a Bird Smashes Against
 Tom Christoper

New Year's Eve

 Catie Rosemurgy
Smokefall at Smoke Rise   Robert Carnevale
Heaven and the Fallen World   Eva Saulitis
Song of the Jealous Bird 
I Found a One-Eyed Horse   Rachel Mehl


Gary Fincke
Odysseus   Thom Satterlee

Frieda Lawrence: Blood, Lust, Desperation
 Sue Walker
The Remorse of Narcissus  Bruce Bond
Watson and the Shark John Bensko
A Personal Apocalypse   Jennifer Gresham
Fimbulwinter   Maggie Smith
Twentieth Century
Green-Striped Melons  Jane Hirshfield


 Julie L. Moore
Blind Pink   
Suzanne Underwood Rhodes
Skipping Stones  Heather Kirn
The Burnt Field  Kythe Heller
Motor Imagery    Beth Bachmann
Des Plaines, Illinois 1978 
 Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor
Day's End on Eel Pond
 Mary Stewart Hammond

Elegy that Returns with  Souvenirs
 Erika Meitner

To the Mistress of the Master of the Female Half-Lengths
 Michael Salcman

The Dead Guy Clears the Air about Roadkill 

 William Notter
July 8, Destin Jesse Lee Kercheval

Beneath a Somber Moon

 Dan Stryk
My Father's Left Hand   David Bottoms

My Father's Brother
William Lychack
The Way a Dog Meets the Day  Diane Seuss


 Nance Van Winckel

The Sleepwalker Makes Plans

 Sigman Byrd
Apotheosis of the Sleepwalker 

The Deft Touch of Angels

 John Rybicki
Polar Explorer #8   
Elizabeth Bradfield
Crocker Land 


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