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Alaska Quarterly Review

Volume 25, No. 1 & 2

Spring & Summer 2008


Dedication: In Memory of Grace Paley 


The Other Woman   Kirstin Allio
Birthmark   Matt Bondurant
B & B
Celeste Ng
One Voted No   Shao Wang
Diptych   Michael Hawley

Looking for an Angle

Deborah A. Lott

No Feeling of Falling  Dustin Beall Smith

The Tricky Thing About Endings

 Leigh Morgan Owen
Guest Editor: Jane Hirshfield 
Second Tornado   David Baker
The Sixth Trumpet Chana Bloch
The Daily News 
An Onion

Robert Bly

Walking Out in the Morning 
Creeley   Thomas Centolella
Sunflower Henri Cole
Greg Delanty
Other Answers
Carl Dennis

For I Will Consider the Overlooked Dragonfly 

 Sharon Dolin
Apparition   Mark Doty
Excitement   Stephen Dunn
Laura Fargas

Earth, this Firelit Lantern

Katie Ford
Dreaming at the Ballet Jack Gilbert
Neglecting the Kids 

Grandmother, Cleaning Rabbits

Samuel Green
The Pilot Light   Rachel Hadas

Epitaph for a Young Man

 John Haines
Endearment   Tony Hoagland
The Truth 
The Loneliest Job in the World 
Captivity Narrative 
Ms. Veronina   Ilya Kaminsky
Oh, Mariachi Me   Ted Kooser

The Winking Vulva 

 Maxine Kumin
Make of Me   Lance Larsen
Western Lit   Dorianne Laux
Learning to Drive 
The Other Rhinoceros   Phillis Levin
Not a Prayer 

Paradise Came Over Me Once

 Anne Marie Macari
Before & After   Morton Marcus
Southwestern Suite   Stefanie Marlis
Anniversary   Linda McCarriston
L'Ancien Regime   Christopher Merrill

The Silence of the Mine Canaries 

 W.S. Merwin
Far Along in the Story 
Fire   Joseph Millar
Quail   Paul Muldoon
An Old Man   Leonard Nathan
Birding    Dennis O'Driscoll
Sibling Unrivalry   Sharon Olds
Winter Trees   Alicia Ostriker
Hiddenness   Michael Palmer
A Dozen Roses   Linda Pastan
Rachmaninoff's Elegy 
Shame   Robert Pinsky

Looking for My Father In
Aix-en-Provence, Early March 

 Donald Platt

The Boy Who Became a Man with Pockets

 Alberto Rios

A Blind Astronomer in the Age of Stars

 Pattiann Rogers
Bomb Fishing   Kay Ryan

The Goat
Umberto Saba (translation by George Hochfield and Leonard Nathan
Marianna   Peter Dale Scott

Bugler, Ft. Wainwright, Alaska

 Peggy Shumaker

Save the Last Dance for Me

 Gerald Stern
Savin Rock   Chase Twichell
Traveller   Jean Valentine
Fire   Rosanna Warren
Bison   Robert Wrigley
In Praise of Spirit   Al Young
La Revancha del Tango
C. Dale Young


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Pioneer Peak towers over a farm house and barn near Palmer, Alaska.

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