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Alaska Quarterly Review

"Some of the best contemporary writing readers will find anywhere."

-- Alaska Dispatch

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Readings, Workshops, and Events

Alaska Quarterly Review sponsors various events bringing together vital, creative voices in the visual, performing, and literary arts.  Events feature a wide range of local and visiting artists.

Alaska Quarterly Review co-sponsors readings and workshops that have included outstanding writers and poets such as Alan Lightman, Amy Bloom, Jane Hirshfield, N. Scott Momaday,  Francine Prose, Tracy Kidder, Richard Ford, Jane Smiley, Michael Ondaatje, Tobias Wolff, Bret Lott, Patricia Hampl, Stuart Dybek, Rosellen Brown, William Gass, Carolyn Kizer, Gary Snyder, John Haines, Alice Fulton, David Wagoner, Robin Becker, Joy Harjo, Roland Flint, William Kittridge, Paula Gunn Allen, Robert Hedin, Jim Heynen, Al Young, Valerie Miner, Gerald Vizenor, Nora Dauenhauer, Gary Holthaus, Peggy Shumaker, Bill Holm, John Straley, Richard Chiappone, Marybeth Holloman, Sherry Simpson, Richard Nelson, Mary Robison, Toi Derricotte, Alberto Rios, Olena Davis, Jerah Chadwick, Seth Kantner, Sarah Birdsall, Susie Silook, Ron Carlson and Nancy Lord, Sherman Alexie.


Selected Recent Readers

Spatz & Lightman
AQR Editor Ronald Spatz with Alan Lightman
 Alan Lightman, the author of Einstein’s Dreams
and a host of books of fiction and nonfiction.

Amy Bloom                 N. Scott Momaday               Sherman Alexie
Amy Bloom                            N. Scott Momaday              Sherman Alexie
Novelist and Short                    Pulitzer Prize winning             Writer, poet, and
Story Writer                             fiction writer, poet                 filmmaker
                                              and essayist

Francine Prose                  Tracy Kidder              Jane Hirshfield
Francine Prose                      Tracy Kidder                      Jane Hirshfield
Novelist, short story                  Pulitzer Prize winning            Poet and Essayist
writer, and essayist                   nonfiction writer and
                                               contributing editor,  
                                               The Atlantic Monthly

                      Richard Ford                 Michael Ondaatje  
                      Richard Ford                         Michael Ondaatje
                      Pulitzer Prize winning               Novelist, poet, essayist,  
                      fiction writer and essayist         and filmmaker   


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