Collaborative Conversations 2009

On Tuesday, May 19, 2009, the Arctic FASD RTC hosted its first one-day workshop, Collaborative Conversations: New Research and Clinical Perspectives on FASDs. A series of workshops were presented by national FASD experts Dr. Heather Carmichael Olson, Dr. Tracy Jirikowic, Dr. Susan Astley, and Dr. Sterling Clarren. Dr. Clarren is a member of the Center for Community Child Health Research. Dr. Carmichael Olson, Dr. Jirikowic, Dr. Astley, along with our fifth national FASD expert, Dr. Truman Coggins, are members of the FAS Diagnostic & Prevention Network.

In addition, Dr. Christiane Brems of UAA Center for Behavioral Health Research and Services presented a short overview of the Arctic FASD RTC and informed participants about how to access the FASD training and educational resources that the Arctic FASD RTC provides. Please click here to watch this presentation about the Arctic FASD RTC.

Workshop Details

FASD and Mental Health, presented by Heather Carmichael Olson, Ph.D.
This track presented an overview of FASD issues related to psychiatry, psychology, and other mental health services, including what is known about effective treatment strategies for individuals with FASD, and new intervention ideas being explored in research and practice. Dr. Carmichael Olson's reflection questions are available in pdf format here and here.

FASD and Occupational Therapy, presented by Dr. Tracy Jirikowic, Ph.D.
This track provided an overview of FASD issues related to OT. Dr. Jirikowic reviewed effective strategies for people with FASD, addressed key components of care, and discussed challenges related to OT strategies. References cited in Dr. Jirikowic's presentation are available in pdf form here.

FASD and Neuroimaging, presented by Susan Astley, Ph.D.
This track provided an overview of FASD and brain development. Dr. Astley will disseminated research findings using fMRIs to better understand the effects of alcohol on fetal brain development. Copies of Dr. Astley's articles are available on the FAS Diagnostic & Prevention Network website.

FASD and Medical Practice, presented by Sterling Clarren, M.D.
This track provided an overview of FASD and medical practice. Dr. Clarren informed medical providers of the use of multidisciplinary approaches to FASD prevention and treatment.