Art Education

Art Education program provides students an introduction to the foundations of art education and museum education in traditional and non-traditional settings. Courses and activities focus on theories, issues, and practices in historical and contemporary contexts. Students will explore rationales for teaching art, theories of children's developmental levels in art, technology, diversity, the content areas of art (aesthetics, art criticism, art history, and studio art), and teaching practices through text and journal readings, field observations, Internet, micro-teaching, and hands-on participation.

MINOR, Art Education

The Department of Art offers a minor in Art Education for students interested in working in educational settings. The minor does not lead to initial teacher certification, and UAA does not currently offer a teacher certification program in art. Students interested in becoming K-12 art teachers may complete the BA or BFA in Art at UAA and pursue teacher certification through other post-baccalaureate licensure program.

Students majoring in another discipline and art students in the Art Program must complete the following sequence of six courses for a minor in Art Education. A total of 18 credits is required for the minor. Six courses are being added as a minor in the Art Department under the heading of Art Education.


The minor constitutes 18 credits and is made up of the following courses:

ART A203 Introduction to Art Education
ART A204 History and Philosophy of Art Education
ART A303 Curriculum Planning and Interpretation in Art
ART A304 Art Experience: Social, Cultural, and Educational
ART A403 Arts and Technology
ART A404 Diversity and Visual Culture