Art History

"…the simplest questions are not only the hardest to answer, but the most important to ask…."
Northrop Frye, The Educated Imagination

Even though Northrop Frye is best known for his literary criticism, it is appropriate that Art Historians and Critics address the difficult and critical issues of our time. To this end the program is dedicated to our students pursuing what Frye called an “educated imagination.”

Art History engages in the study of the visual arts in their historical and cultural contexts. A wide range of periods and regions are taught covering Western and Non-Western art. Various methodologies and theoretical approaches are used in assessing the wide range of art the student will encounter in these classes.

Art History as a discipline has changed over the years. At UAA there is a strong commitment to Studio Art. As a result, the intent behind the Art History courses is to think in interdisciplinary terms and to accommodate the needs of our studio students as well as students interested in Art History and the general university populace. Various classes are taught consisting of lower division general education and upper division courses as well as topically based seminars.

In Art History, just as it is in studio critiques, the necessity to critically think, write, read and converse about art historical and critical issues is an important facet of the student’s education. Research and communication skills are important in Art History courses and are useful for any student engaging in pursuing their interests in Art History and Studio Art.