Digital Imaging

The Facility:

The digital studio/lab is located in room 330 in the Arts Building. The lab is equipped with 16 Macintosh workstations with Wacom tablets. The orkstations are linked wirelessly to UAA’s IT system which furnishes the latest software for our program.

An HP color laser printer primarily serves the needs of the Graphic Design student and the Epson 4800 and 7800 printers are used for Fine Art projects and assignments. Additionally, there is an ever-changing array of input and output devices to serve the demands of the Digital Art/Graphic Design program.

This studio/lab is open during non-class hours, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am until 9:00 pm. Also open after hours and weekends with special permission.

  • ART A112 Color Design
  • ART A252 Beginning Graphic Design and Illustration
  • ART A257 Digital Art and Design I
  • ART A352 Intermediate Graphic Design
  • ART A353 Illustration I
  • ART A357 Digital Art and Design II
  • ART A452 Advanced Graphic Design
  • ART A453 Illustration II
  • ART A456 3-D Digital Animation