The Drawing Studio is located in the Arts building on the first floor in room 101. The Drawing Studio contains the following equipment.

  • Life-size skeleton
  • Three life-size manikins
  • Four life-size anatomical charts
  • 25 self-portrait mirrors
  • 18 large format-drawing easels
  • Five regular easels
  • Four light tables
  • Drying rack
  • Studio lights including two 1000 watts
  • Two modeling stands
  • Two Badger Trillion Airbrush compressors plus hoses
  • Three Paasche Airbrushes
  • Two portable ventilation systems
  • Video monitor and projector
  • Matt cutting system plus shrink-wrap
  • Tables and benches for 25 students
  • Flat files
  • Drawing library
  • Computer
  • Still life collection including insect mounts, bird and mammal skulls, two sculpted and painted human anatomical models and life-size plaster molds of human hands, feet and heads.
  • Art 101 Beginning Drawing
  • Art 205 Intermediate Drawing
  • Art 305 Advanced Drawing
  • Art 307 Life Drawing and Composition I
  • Art 405 Experimental Drawing
  • Art 407 Life Drawing and Composition II
Studio Hours
Varies each semester

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