The Fiber program is located off-campus in the ENRI Building, located at 7th and A in downtown Anchorage.


Floor Looms
1 Schacht Baby Wolf 30" eight harness
2 LeClerc Nilus II 45" jack looms four harness
1 LeClerc Colonial 45" eight harness
1 LeClerc Colonial 45" four harness
1 Gilmore 36" four harness
1 Gilmore 36" four harness, with sectional beam
1 Gilmore 40" eight harness
2 Macomber 32" four harness
1 Macomber 40" four harness
1 AVL Compu Dobby I Loom PDL 40"
1 AVL Mechanical Dobby Loom PML 60" 12 harness

Tapestry Looms
1 Leicester Dryad tapestry floor loom 36" two harness
1 Glimakra tapestry floor loom 38"
4 Mirrix tapestry table looms 19"

4 Ashford Traditional spinning wheels
Glimakra warping wheel 72" h
LeClerc warping wheel 30" h
Harrisville Design warping wheel 30" h
Schacht winding station
Schacht inkle loom
raddles (7), temples (4), warping boards (2), tension boxes (2), fringe twisters, bobbin winders, ball winder, umbrella swift, bobbins, shuttles (boat, ski, rag, stick), warping paddles, rag cutter, charka
Student yarn (warp and weft)

Studio Hours

The studio is accessible by keypad entry to all weaving students Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. After hours access can be arranged through the instructor.

  • ART 271/371/471 - Surface Design (Beg/Int/Adv)
  • ART 272/372/472 - Fiber Structures (Beg/Int/Adv)
  • ART 273/373/473 - Woven Forms (Beg/Int/Adv)

Studio Hours

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Closeup of tapestry


Weaving room


First Project

wArp & Weft