The printmaking studio is approximately 2250 sq. feet located in the fine arts building room 313. The print shop at UAA is non toxic with the exception of lithography.
907-786 -1578

Areas of Emphasis:
Intaglio (all aspects)
Plate and stone lithography
Papermaking (eastern and western)
Digital printing

1 computer (Mac) station
1 8.5” x 12” Epson scanner
1 Epson stylus 20” inkjet printer

1 challenge 15”x17” proofing press
1 chandler & price 10”x15” platen press
1 takach 36”x60” lithographic press
1 griffin 26”x36” lithographic press
1 French tool36”x60” intaglio press
1 brand 26”x48” intaglio press
2 10”signmaker relief presses
1 12”x10”book press
1 10,000 lb hydraulic press for papermaking
5 small hand relief presses

6 48”x48”screen printing stations
1 soft back 6’x4’ exposure unit
1 26-1k 22”x26” mercury exposure system
1 60”x48”registermate exposure unit
1 air brush station (for aquatint)
1 hand composition table w/type
1 dremel jig saw
1 dremel tool and accessories
1 non-toxic etching tank
24 lithographic stones (various sizes and hardness)
1 48” metal cutter
1 wiz blender for paper pulp
2 sets of 24” viscosity rollers
22 hand rollers (1”-24”)
Monoprint plates ranging from 18”x 24”-33”x 60”
Studio hours:

The studio is open during non class hours:
Monday - Saturday 7am-10pm
Sunday 10am-10pm
Late night access available by permission 10pm-2am


Art A215 beginning printmaking
Art A314 intermediate printmaking)
Lithography and screenprinting
Art A315 intermediate printmaking
Art A415 advanced printmaking
Art A498 individual research
Special topics

Visiting Artists
Visiting artists are recruited to supplement the program. Artists in the past have included, Karen Kunc, Johntimothy Pizzuto, Patty Pizzuto, John Guenther, Patrica Olynyk, Brian Jones, John Whitesell, Susan Joy Share and Clare Romano to name a few.