The Sculpture studio is located in the Fine Arts Building at the University of Alaska Anchorage main campus. The Sculpture studio has a dedicated 2300 sq ft wood shop fully equipped with professional quality wood working equipment. We have a dedicated 2000 sq ft metal shop with a casting area capable of 40 pound pours of bronze or aluminum. There is also a 150 sq ft spray booth and a 1000 sq ft multipurpose room. The Sculpture is directly accessible via 16’ wide 18’ tall over head loading door which is adjacent to a 1500 sq ft court yard.

Studio Hours:

The studio is open during non class hours this changes semester to semester and is generally closed one day a week. Late Night Access from 10pm-2am available by permission.


Art A211 Beginning Sculpture
Art A311 Intermediate Sculpture
Art A411 Advanced Sculpture
Art A498 Individual Research
Art A397/497 Independent Study


Wood Working Equipment:
Delta Veritical Band Saw 20”
Delta Stationary Belt & Disc Sander
Delta 14” Rotary Arm Saw
Delta Drill Press
Powermatic 10” Cabinet Saw
Powermatic 6” Jointer
Powermatic 14” Planer
Powermatic Lathe
Powermatic Drill Press
Dewalt 16” Scroll Saw
Dewalt 10” Compound Miter Saw
Jet Mini Lathe
Black & Decker 8’ x 4’ Panel Saw
Performax 12” Surface Sander

Hand Held Tools:
Assorted quality hand held power tools: drills, sanders, skill saws, chain saws, etc.
Pneumatic tools; sanders, nails & brad guns etc.
Assorted hand tools, swiss made chisels, hammers, saws, clamps etc.
Power carvers and grinders

Metal Working Equipment:
40 pound gas two man bronze and aluminum Johnson foundry
Electric foundry
Burn out kiln
Metal Forge with blacksmithing tools

Welders /Cutters:
Millermatic 200 MIG
Millermatic 180 MIG
Miller Dialarc HF TIG
Miller Dialarc 250 AC/DC
Lincon Electric Stick Welder
Oxyacetylene Welding & Cutting Torch
Thermodynamic 40 Amp Plasma Cutting Torch

Misc. Metal Equipment:
Tennsmith Sheet Metal Bender
Tennsmith Sheet Metal Brake>
Tennsmith Sheet Metal Sheer
Delta 14” Vertical Band saw
Delta 20” Vertical Band saw
Powermatic Metal Drill press
Powermatic Stationary Belt & Disk Sander
Wide variety of pneumatic metal hand tools
10” Metal Sheer
Zero Blast N Peen Bead Blaster Cabinet
Cut off Saw
Buffing Wheels
Grinding Wheels
2 ton Wallace Gantry Hoist

Stone Tools:
Pneumatic stone chisels
Stone hand chisels

Studio Hours
Student Work

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Sculpture II

Sculpture II

Sculpture I

Sculpture I


Sculpture II