Below you will find information on the Art Department Faculty along with their contact information.

For more information on each faculty member please visit their page, simply click on their name.




Amson-Alvin | UAA Art Faculty | UAA Performing & Fine Arts Division

Alvin Amason

Associate Term Professor of Art
Native Arts and Painting


DeRocchi-Alanna | UAA Department of Art | UAA Faculty

Alanna DeRocchi

Term Instructor of Art/Technician
Fine Arts Building 106
907. 786. 1246



Herminia Din | UAA Fine Arts Faculty

Dr. Herminia Din

Professor of Art
Art Education
Fine Arts Building 106



Steve Godfrey | UAA Fine Arts Faculty
Steven Godfrey
Chair, Department of Art
Associate Professor of Art
Gordon Harblieb Hall 108
907. 786. 6920



Gonzales-Mariano | UAA Art Faculty | UAA Performing & Fine Arts Division

Mariano Gonzales

Professor of Art
Digital Art and Design
Fine Arts Building 305
907. 786. 1734



Licka-Sean | UAA Fine Arts | Jessica Pervier-Brown/UAA

Dr. Charles Licka
Professor of Art History
Fine Arts Building 306
907. 786. 4704



Garry Mealor | UAA Fine Arts Faculty | Jessica Pervier-Brown/UAA

Garry Mealor

Foundations Coordinator
Associate Professor of Art
Drawing, Watercolor
Fine Arts Building 304


Kristy Summers | UAA Department of Art

Kristy Summers

Assistant Professor of Art
Sculpture, 3D Design
Fine Arts Building 108



Deborah Tharp
Associate Professor of Art
Fine Arts Building 309


Adjunct Faculty


Honor Bowman | Department of Art Faculty

Honor Bowman

Color Design, 2D Design



Tom Chung | UAA Art Faculty | UAA Performing & Fine Arts Division

Tom Chung

Drawing, 3D Foundations



Conti-Michael | UAA Art Faculty | UAA Performing & Fine Arts Division

Michael Conti

Printmaking, Photography, Video Art, Mixed Media
Fine Arts Building 313


Katherine Coons | Department of Art Faculty

Katherine Coons

Art Appreciation, Drawing


Jeanne Ilgen | UAA Fine Arts | Jessica Pervier-Brown/UAA

Jeanne Ilgen

Metalsmithing, Jewelry


Lance Lekander

Lance Lekander


Pettibone-1 copy

Life Drawing and Composition

Amanda Saxton
Drawing & Art Appreciation


Art Support Staff



Carol Koford
Digital Resource Librarian
Fine Arts Building116A