Currently in the Kimura Gallery:

 BFA 2015 - Christopher Judd


A Series

by Christopher Judd

Artist Statement:

My work focuses on people, and this show is about a very important person. I wanted to explore how a deep connection might change the way I paint.

This show is dedicated to my Grandmother, without her I wouldn't be the person I am today.

BFA 2015 - Norman Beasley II

Who is in front of you?

Mild Steel & Painted

by Norman Beasley II

Artist Statement:

As a child I would dream big about doing big things, whether it was becoming a champion boxer or the greatest firefighter in America or the martial arts master of the world!

My personal views influence the creation of my work. My steel sculptures are designed around the positive and negative parts of my life because I believe both sides are important.

My art is about never staying down even when it's tough;I construct my art from tough material, steel, to show myself that I will never be broken by other's judgment or pain towards me. I invest the time to build sculpture from metal that will last the sands of time. Metal has the physical weight and presence that I use to create a spark in the minds of viewers, evoking a symbol, emotion or thought about critical events in the world.

I see metal as me and myself as metal even though I do have emotions and I do smile.

Abstraction is my primary interest in my art. Abstraction lets me tell a story from my perspective.

My concepts reflect an optimism that I hope inspires others to find something in their life that makes them as happy as I am. Even though I sometimes create works of art from depressing times, in the end I am always smiling and ready to laugh!

I still dream big. But now I dream of creating great Art instead of saving people from fires or kicking some tail!

BFA 2015 - Stephanie Novak

Osteo | Genesis

by Stephanie Novak

Artist Statement:

I love human bones;they intrigue me. We all have them, and yet they are unique to ourselves. They are so readily associated with death, but in the right hands they tell the story of a life. Bone responds readily to external factors, storing nutrients that can give away the location, diet, musculature, sex, age, and condition of a person in life. There are physical markers that tell about their childhood, social position, occupation, health, and disease. After teeth, bone is the most resilient material in the body over time. Given ideal conditions, human bone has lasted tens of thousands of years waiting for us to find them and tell the person's story.

I have used various intaglio printmaking processes, to build up visual tones and physical textures to tell the stories of hardship and disease that unfurl in the images of this exhibition. The human body attempts to achieve homeostasis in illness through a healing response;illnesses with bone involvement result in genesis of new bone structures, often with beautiful and horrible results. These images represent those responses and results in another human being. They are illustrated to be accurate, but are presented as objectively beautiful works through our cultural artistic conventions.

I invite you to study the delicate textures and details of these pathological afflictions.


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