Intramural Volleyball

Volleyball-specific Rules

  1. Rosters are limited to 12 players; with a ratio of 8 men and 4 woman.
  2. 6 players shall constitute a team. Minimum starting ratio is 3 men and 1 woman. At the onset of a game, no team shall have fewer than 4 players.
  3. All matches consist of two out of the three games; 25 point rally scoring for the first two games and 15 point game for the tie breaker.
  4. Each team is allowed one, thirty-second timeouts during each game.
  5. Substitutions may be made upon notification to the official.
  6. Play shall occur according to USVBA rules as amended for intramural play.
  7. The server may stand anywhere along the end line to serve the ball.
  8. Service: The underhand, overhand, jump serve, and the sidearm serve may be used to put the ball in play.
  9. A participant may double contact the ball on serve receive or first dig, and this is considered one play and is legal. If two players hit the ball simultaneously it is considered one play and either player may hit the ball again.
  10. No blocking or offensive hitting on a serve.
  11. After service, any interchange of player positions may occur. All players must return to their original positions after the ball is called dead.
  12. A player may not touch the net or its cable while the ball is in play.
  13. It is legal to touch the center line with your foot, but not to go completely over it.
  14. A player from the back row may not jump and attack the ball in front of the ten foot line; but the follow-through may continue past the ten foot line.
  15. Boundaries:
    1. Lines are considered in play.
    2. If the offensive team hits the ball up into the ceiling, it is still in play, if it lands on the offensive team’s side, and is put over the net in the required three contacts. If the ball lands on the opposing or defensive side, it will be deemed a fault to the offensive team and a side out and point will be awarded.
  16. Violations:
    1. occurs when a team serves out of line-up order.
    2. occurs when the server hits the ball out of bounds, into the net or fails to hit it completely over the net.
    3. occurs when a player touches the net or breaks the plane of the net before the ball reaches that area.
    4. occurs when a team contacts the ball more than three times before it goes over the net.
    5. occurs when the ball is brought to a momentary stop before it goes over the net (lift or carry).
    6. a line violation occurs when a player crosses the center line or when the server steps on the line before contacting the ball.
  17. A block of an attack is not considered one of the three contacts for a side. Three contacts after a deflected attack may occur.
  18. An attack may occur with an open hand, or may occur with a closed fist or a closed cupped hand.
  19. Referee calls are final.

The UAA IM Volleyball League also abides by all general Rules for Intramural and Club Sports.