Division Administration


Rocky Capozzi, Associate Professor
P:  907.786.7200


Aviation Maintenance Technology

Michael Chamberlain, Lab Technician
P: 907 786 7242

T.J. Manolas, Aircraft Technology Stores Manager 
P:  907.786.7248

Flight Operations

Greg Stoddard, Chief Flight Instructor
P:  907.786.7231

Russell Brown, Technician
P:  907.786.7225

Andrew Gichard, Flight Operations Coordinator
P:  907.786.7203

Office Management and Administration

Mary Paye, Office Manager
P:  907.786.7204

Chelsea Cooley, Administrative Assistant
P: 907.786.7200

Barbara Farmer, Fiscal Technician
P:  907.786.7207

Simulations Unit (ATC & Flight)

Marcus Holmquist, Manager
P:  907.786.7206

Michael Workman, Simulation/IT Engineer
P:  907.786.7228

Student Services

Holly Johanknecht, Academic Advisor
P:  907.786.7250

Division Faculty

Aviation Administration & Management

James Derry, Assistant Professor
P: 907.786.7217

Raymond Weber, Assistant Professor
P: 907.786.7220

John Wight, Associate Professor
P: 907.786.7215

Air Traffic Control

Sharon LaRue, Associate Professor
P:  907.786.7218

David Cushwa, Assistant Professor
P:  907.786.7212

Bryan Coffey, Assistant Professor
P: 907.786.7232

Allen Hoffman, Assistant Professor
P:  907.786.7219

Aviation Maintenance Technology

David Helmso, Assistant Professor
P: 907.786.7223

Paul Herrick, Professor
P:  907.786.7211

Lou Nagy, Professor
P:  907.786.7214

Connor Paulson, Lab/Support Services Technician
P: 907.786.7213

Professional Piloting

Mark Madden, Professor
P:  907.786.7216

Alaska Experimental Forecast Facility

Peter Olsson, Associate Professor
P:  907.786.7234

Contact Information

UAA Aviation Technology Division
2811 Merrill Field Drive
Anchorage, AK 99501

P: 907.786.7200
F: 907.786.7202
E: Email the division


8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday


Please contact Holly Johanknecht, Aviation Technology Division academic advisor, at 907.786.7250.