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Our world is experiencing unprecedented change from many sources, natural and human-caused, and biological research is central to understanding their nature and consequences.

UAA is located in the coastal subarctic of south central Alaska, where the northernmost temperate rain forest, boreal tundra and taiga, and freshwater and marine environments come together. We see the effects of change every day and not only in the environment and biota surrounding us. Technological innovations are revolutionizing the way we study biology and, here at UAA's Department of Biological Sciences, we are pushing the frontiers of knowledge in an integrated approach to biological research. Integrated knowledge permits a more complete understanding of biological systems that include humans and their activities.In the Circumpolar North, biology-based approaches to complex societal problems are critical and necessary.

The Department of Biological Sciences is currently home to 20 tenure-track faculty members and a strong cohort of term,adjunct and affiliate faculty members.  Our faculty has diverse research programs and strengths in ecology, evolutionary biology, cell and developmental biology, physiological ecology of plants and animals, genetics, and molecular biology. The research of many departmental faculty members is directed at questions related to life in the north, including physiological adaptations to cold, dark, and extreme environments, and the complex dynamics of ecosystem processes. Biomedical research is an important strength, and many of the faculty participate in the NIH funded INBRE program.

Our department is not just for researchers.We play a critical role in the education of life science and health majors from across the campus, and the department provides B.A., B.S., and honors program options for over 700 student majors. A productive graduate program includes over 30 M.S. and Ph.D. students. We are known for our commitment to provide undergraduate majors with maximum opportunities in faculty-directed field and lab research, ranging from molecular and cell-based studies to conservation, ecology, animal physiology and toxicology research.  Faculty and students participate infield research in the polar regions and beyond.

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Biological Sciences Curriculum Change Video

The Department of Biological Sciences with the University of Alaska Anchorage is undergoing major curriculum changes for the academic year 2015-2016.

Biological Sciences Curriculum Change Information Session Video

It is imperative for our students to understand the curriculum changes and how they will affect degree completion under their current catalog year. Please view this video of an information session held on November 24, 2014, to learn more about the new Biological Sciences degree program and what you should do to prepare for the changes.

If you are a Biological Sciences major and you need to plan for the curriculum change, please see one of our academic advisors. 

Division of Math &Natural Sciences Advisors: 
Dr. Deborah Duricka 
Phone: (907)786-4710 
Email: dlduricka@uaa.alaska.edu 
Office: CPISB Room 102E 

David House 
Phone: (907)786-4378 
Email: dhouse4@uaa.alaska.edu 
Office: CPISB Room 102D

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