Summer 2015 Graduates

Roxanne Beltran

  • Thesis: "An agent-based bioenergetics model for predicting impacts of environmental change of Weddell seals (Leptonychotes weddellii)"
  • Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Burns

Michelle Shero, UAF/UAA Ph.D. School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences

  • Thesis: "To pup or not to pup? Using physiology and dive behavior to answer the Weddell seal's overwintering question"
  • Advisors: Dr. Jennifer Burns (UAA) & Dr. Jo-Ann Mellish (UAF)

Spring 2014 Graduates

Annie BrownleeBrownlee, Annie

  • Thesis: "Carbon Isotope discrimination in tree ring alpha-cellulose indicates that drought stress cannot explain white spruce growth declines in the Eastern Brooks Range, Alaska"
  • Advisor: Bjartmar Sveinbjornsson

Wade Schock

  • Thesis: "Migration Dynamics of Midcontinent Greater White-Fronted Geese (anser albifrons frontalis) from Interior to Northwest Alaska"
  • Advisor: Doug Causey

Ashley Stanek

  • Thesis: "Dietary Ecology of Alaskan Gray Wolves: Variation in Seasonal Foraging Strategies in a Salmon Subsidized Ecosystem"
  • Advisor: Jeff Welker

Nicole Stopa

  • Thesis: "Chromatin Modifiers in Xenopus Laevis: Protein Arginine Methyltransfrase 5 Function and Williams Syndrome Transcription Factor Complexes in Development"
  • Advisor: Jocelyn Krebs

Fall 2013 Graduates

Brooke Carney2014 Graduate, Brooke Carney

  • Thesis Title: "Diet Patterns Of Black Oystercatchers (Haematopus Bachmani) In The Northern Gulf Of Alaska"
  • Advisor: Doug Causey

Timothy Stevenson

  • Thesis Title: "Dynamics of the Cecal Microbial Communities of Arctic Ground Squirrels"
  • Advisor: Loren Buck/Khrys Duddleston


Spring 2013 Graduates

Rebecca Sawyer

  • Thesis Title: "Major Histocompatibility Genotype Does Not Predict Levels of Blood Parasitism in Bears in Alaska"
  • Advisor: Doug Causey

Aliza Segal

  • Thesis Title: "Root and Microbial Respiration Dominate CO2 Efflux in an Arctic Ecosystem"
  • Advisor: Bjartmar Svienbjornsson

Elizabeth Sharp

  • Thesis Title: "Complex Carbon Cycle Responses to Multi-Level Warming and Supplemental Summer Rain in the High Arctic"
  • Advisor: Jeffrey Welker

Fall 2012 Graduates

Lauren CarusoCaruso Moose Research

  • Thesis Title: "Understanding Moose Foraging Behavior in Response to Variations in Patch Architecture and Availability of Preferred Foods"
  • Advisor: Donald Spalinger

Summer 2012 Graduates

Michael Mazzacavallo

  • Thesis Title: "Rooting Out the Difference: A Quantitative Test of the Two-Layer Hypothesis in a Sub-Tropical African Savanna"
  • Advisor: Bjartmar Svienbjornsson

Justin Fulkerson

  • Thesis Title: "Why Are Arctic Flowers So Colorful? Reproductive Ecology and Selection on Floral Traits in the Tundra Plant Parrya Nudicaulis (Brassicaceae)" 
  • Advisor: Matthew Carlson

Robert McNown

  • Thesis Title: "Low Photosynthesis of Treeline White Spruce are Associated with Limited Soil Nitrogen Availability in Northwest Alaska"
  • Advisor: Bjartmar Svienbjornsson

Spring 2012 Graduates

Chris Barnett
  • Thesis Title: "Williams Syndrome Transcription Factor is Critical for Neural Crest Cell Function in Xenopus Laevis"
  • Advisor: Jocelyn Krebs