All materials are due by March 1st for fall admission and by November 1st for spring admission. Files received after will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Required Documents for Admission

  1. The UAA graduate application process can be found online at:
  2. Official transcript(s) reflecting graduate-level credits and credits pertaining to the baccalaureate degree from each institution attended. Applicants with transcript(s) from institution(s) outside the United States or Canada must provide an official statement of equivalency from a recommended credentials evaluation service and, if necessary, an English translation of the transcript.  
  3. Official scores from the GRE must be requested by the student and sent directly by the testing agency to the university. Scores must be received prior to admission to the program.  
  4. If necessary, scores from the TOEFL exam must be requested by the student and sent directly by the testing agency to the university. Scores must be received prior to admission to the program. 
  5. A brief (typically one page) statement of the applicant's research and career goals. 
  6. Three letters of recommendation from the persons who are qualified to evaluate the applicant's ability to successfully perform graduate-level coursework and research should be submitted directly to the department.  
  7. A letter of support from a UAA faculty member from the Department of Biological Sciences expressing willingness to accept the applicant into his/her research group and a statement of available funding or funding opportunities for research support for the student. Because students will not be admitted to the program without a faculty mentor from the department, prospective graduate students are strongly advised to contact faculty for research/advisor arrangements at an early stage of their admission process. Faculty research interests are available online.

Items 1-4 must be submitted to Enrollment Services; items 5-7 should be submitted directly to the Department of Biological Sciences Graduate Affairs Administrative Assistant, Natalie Tyler, at Applicants should also submit unofficial copies of items 1-4 to the department. Questions about this process should be directed to Natalie at or by calling 907-786-7762.

Mailing address:

Department of Biological Sciences Graduate Program
Attn: Natalie Tyler, CPISB 101Q
3211 Providence Drive
Anchorage, AK 99508

Important Graduate Documents and Dates

A number of very relevant links are listed below. Our Graduate Studies Committee recommends that you become very familiar with the information contained therein; you will find that many of your important questions are answered within the linked documents.

Department of Biological Sciences' Graduate Handbook

2015-16 UAA Catalog - Master of Science in Biological Sciences


Teaching Assistantship

Teaching Assistantship Application and Instructions

2015-2016 Teaching Assistantship Application Deadline:

Application deadline for TA's is March 7th for the Fall Semester and November 1st for the Spring Semester.

Please turn applications in to Natalie Tyler via email or deliver in person at CPISB 101Q.


If you are selected:

Posting Number: 0070537
Position Number (PCN): 938060



Graduate Affairs Administrative Assistant:

Natalie Tyler
Phone: (907) 786-7762
Office: CPISB 101Q

Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee:

Jennifer Burns, Ph.D.
Phone: (907) 786-1527
Office: CPISB 202C