Biological Sciences is the science concerned with the study of living organisms. It encompasses a vast range of biological disciplines, from the study of microbes and molecular biology to the study of plants, animals and the environment. UAA’s undergraduate program in biological sciences includes courses that provide students with a broad understanding of both traditional and modern biological sciences. These courses are suitable as preparation for graduate degrees and professional degrees, for teaching, or for careers in government or industry. Both the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees are available to students. The Department of Biological Sciences also oversees the Bachelor of Science in Natural Sciences degree.

Please remember that you have the option of graduating either under the catalog that was in effect when you began your current degree program or under the catalog that is in effect the year you graduate.  Listed below are links to the online catalogs for UAA. 

Feel free to contact the Biological Sciences Department, if you would like additional information.



Students should meet with their advisor every semester to discuss course selection. In addition, students can track their progress toward graduation by using the online advising tool DegreeWorks, accessed through UAOnline under Student Services. DegreeWorks does not replace academic advising and will not help students choose the best classes for their individual goals. Instructions for accessing DegreeWorks at: 


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