How it Works:

There are some definite advantages to ordering your textbooks online.  
  1. First Shot at Used Books - we fill our online orders before we open up to the public for in-store sales.  By reserving your books online in advance, you'll get first shot at any used copies of the books that we have!
  2. Beat the Crowds - The first few days of school can be pretty hectic here at the Bookstore.  When you order online, you can avoid the line all together!
Order your textbooks HERE

In-Store Pickup

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Pickup at Either Store Location

You can skip the line all together and just pick up your order at either of our two store locations (Main Campus & the UC) 

Get Them by Mail

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Skip the Trip

 Another option is to have your books mailed directly to your home.  That way you can come in later when the crowds have died down to pick up the latest in UAA gear!

Dorm Room Delivery

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Books on Beds

 Living in the dorms this semester?  Choose "Books on Beds" as your method of delivery, and we'll have your order delivered to your dorm room. It's just that easy!