The Bookstore now offers perpetual buyback.  

We offer top dollar in cash to buy your textbooks back, and we can pass savings on to the next student to buy the book. 

Buyback puts money back in your pocket and increases the number of used books that the Bookstore is able to carry for the next semester.

Perpetual Buyback Facts

1. What is perpetual buyback?

Perpetual buyback means that we will now be buying books back all year long. We'll continue to do the big buys at the start and end of each semester, but if you can't make it during that time, you'll still be able to sell them back to us later.

2. Best time to sell your books?       

The best time for you to sell your books will always be at the end of each semester during our Big Buys (finals week). That's when we are buying books that will be reused the next semester. But if you can't make it in during the Big Buys, you still have a chance to sell them back. Once the new semester starts or once we have bought back all the copies we need, you may not get as good of a deal.

3. Loose leafs?

We will now be buying back selected loose-leaf textbooks! There will be special signs on our textbook shelves letting you know when you buy it whether or not it will be on our list to buy back at the end of the semester.

4. Are we buying back your book?

Search our website in advance to find out if we are buying your book and how much you'll get for it! You can even search multiple ISBN's at once.

5. Buyback alerts?

Want us to send you a note when we are buying back one of your books? Register online and we'll set you up!