Textbooks at The Bookstore

The Textbook team at the UAA Bookstore works behind-the-scenes to compile course information from each academic department, negotiate with publishers, order books and other course materials, receive shipments and - along with our student textbook aides - label and stock the shelves.  We're talking literally hundreds of course adoptions, thousands of books and a whole lot of labor - all to make it easier for you to access and purchase the items you need to succeed in every class offered by the University.

Remember - when you shop on campus, you know you are making your purchase from a legal, secure and trustworthy source.  And the money you spend here stays here at UAA and goes back into supporting services for students.

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Textbook Rentals
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Charge to Your Account
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Online Reservations
You can save up to 50% off by renting your textbooks instead of purchasing them.  For more information, check out our Rentals Page.
Did you know you could charge your textbooks to your student account?  Go Here for the details to see if you qualify!

Save time by ordering your books online (rentals too)! You can beat the crowds the first days of class and get first shot at Used Books. For more information, visit our Online Reservations Info PageTo order your books, go HERE!

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E-book Activation
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Textbook Buybacks

Bought your ebook from us, but don't know how to access it? Sign up or login at www.UDTebook.com/download.  To activate your ebook, you'll need to use the activation code from your receipt when you purchased the ebook.  Keep in mind that once your ebook is activated, it cannot be returned. 

Done with that Calculus book?  Sell it back to us at the end of the semester for some quick cash!  Learn more Here. Or, to see if we're buying  back a particular book, Check HERE.