Charge to Student Account

 Now more and more students are able to charge their textbooks to their student account!

The benefits of charging to a student account is that is it easier to pay off everything when it is all in one place - tuition, textbooks, parking permit, etc - in one lump sum or in smaller monthly payments!

The Rules:

  • Your Student account must be in good standing with no financial holds
  • You must be registered for at least 3 credits through the Anchorage campus
  • You must be accepted as a degree-seeking student at the Anchorage campus
  • Student must bring a valid UAA ID with you at the time of purchase
  • Students can charge up to $1,000 in textbooks and $50 in school supplies
  • Rental textbooks are authorized for student account charges

How It Works:

  • You must come to the bookstore in person with your current, UAA ID card January 7th-26th 
  • Shop for your textbooks and school supplies
  • Head to any register and let the cashier know that you want to charge to your student account
  • Pay your account off at the same time you pay for your tuition

Please keep in mind that charges are being placed on your student account and must be paid off on time to avoid late fees.  You can also sign up for a payment plan (before the payment deadline) to give you more time to pay it off!

You can sign up for the UAA payment plan HERE