Administrative Professional of the Year Award

The University of Alaska Anchorage Campus Bookstore accepts nominations each year to recognize UAA employees' hard work and contributions. 2015 marks the 18th year the award has been given.


Congratulations to Paula Feldhacker, the 2015 Admin Professional of the Year!

Administrative Professional Award Nominees

We'd like to recognize all of the wonderful individuals who were nominated for this year's award.

Lisa Amaziah, Nursing

Michele Bach, Student Health and Counseling Center

Katie Behnke, CAS Social Sciences

Mercedes Bonilla, Psychology

Anita Bradbury, Student Life & Leadership: Student Media

Leslie Breest, CAS Humanities/HR

Katie Brennan, College of Education

Betty Brookes, Nursing

Mark Brueschke, Nursing/IT

Don Carle, GSS Mailroom

Wang Choe,Nursing

Erika Connor, Office of Research & Graduate Studies

Dion Crommarty, Residence Life

Cindy Douhit, Chancellor's Office

Denise Eggers, Dean of Students Office

Deborah Eul, Human Services

Paula Feldhacker, CAS Humanities

Sharie Field, Social Work

LaVenia Finger, Nursing

Katie Frost, Health Sciences

Melissa Green, Justice Center

Elly Gregory, CAS Social Sciences

Vickie Guthrie, Nursing

Betty Hernandez, University Advancement

Iesha Jones, Student Life & Leadership: Activities

Shana Kreh, CTC

Louise Kempker, College of Education

Sally Love, College of Education

Chris Legge, Nursing/IT

Carmen Mason, Nursing

Pinky Miranda, CAS Humanities

Cathy Olson, Student Life & Leadership: Clubs & Greek Life

Anna Owens, CAS Performing and Fine Arts

Stacey Parker,Student Life & Leadership: Student Media

Claudia Pearson, College of Preparatory & Developmental Studies

Amy Perkins, Justice Center

Jodi Pohl, CTC

Nancy Richmond-Bentley, Student Health and Counseling Center

Jessica Salas, Nursing

Susan Seymour,Student Health and Counseling Center

Lauren Shelley, Procurement

Kathleen Shepro, CAS Admin Office

Kathy Smith, Health Sciences

Christina Talbott-Clark, CAS Humanities

Tuyet Tran, Justice Center

Roxi Valentine, Allied Health

Marie Williams, Bookstore

Eva Wilson, Social Work

Kathy Woodhead, CAS Humanities