Teresa Ascone

Teresa Ascone
Community and Technical College

Since 1980, award-winning artist Teresa Ascone has portrayed her impression of Alaska in watercolor. Ascone images have appeared on the covers of Alaska Horizons, Arctic Horizons, and Marine Highway News magazines, and UAA's 1997 Summer Sessions Course Catalog. An award-winning PBS produced video, Landscapes of the Imagination: The Art of Teresa Ascone, honored her work in 1988.

In 1998, Teresa restructured her UAA classes into The Ultimate Watercolor Academy, a community-based learning experience for adults who want to learn watercolor in a safe, non-threatening atmosphere.



 Painting Pleasure: Adventures in Water ColorPainting Pleasure: Adventures in Watercolor

This book is a great companion to Teresa's beginner book, "We're All Artists: Watercolor for Everyone." This book consists of the most popular paintings from her years of teaching, plus some new compositions not previously taught in classes - 24 painting projects in all! This book gives you the opportunity to practice basic techniques to push your skills to higher levels.

We're All Artists: Watercolor for Everyone We're All Artists: Watercolor for Everyone

Enrich your life...reduce stress...explore your creativity! If you've never painted before - even if you can't draw a straight line..TRY! Includes five step-by-step paintings and teaches basic techniques.