Christine Brems

Christiane Brems
Professor of Psychology

PhD, Oklahoma State University; MS, Oklahoma State University; BA, Oklahoma State University

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Dr. Brems is a licensed clinical psychologist with extensive experience in play therapy, adult psychology, and psychological assessment. She is one of only three Alaskans to be Board Certified as a clinical psychologist by the American Board of Professional Psychology and has been actively involved with the Alaska Psychology Association, recently as President. Dr. Brems' research focuses on psychological assessment, substance use, and psychotherapy with with relevance to gender and cross cultural issues. She has been published extensively in a variety of professional journals and has written several books, including the best selling "Comprehensive Guide to Child Psychotherapy" and most recently "Psychotherapy: Processes and Techniques." She has received various honors and awards, including the Chancellor's Outstanding Service Award for Research and awards for the Alaska Psychological Association and the University of Oklahoma.


 Between Two PeopleBetween Two People: Exercises Toward Intimacy

**out of print**

 A Comprehensive Guide to Child PsychotherapyA Comprehensive Guide to Child Psychotherapy

This text for graduate students and professionals discusses the basic and practical principles of direct clinical work with children. The text is organized into sections on the clinical environment, intake and assessment, the therapeutic process, and termination issues. A sampling of topics includes the physical layout of the clinic, legal and ethical issues, cross-cultural child therapy, treatment planning, play therapy, art therapy, and parent education.
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The Child Therapist The Child Therapist: Personal Traits and Markers of Effectiveness

this work encourages the reader to engage in professional and personal self-exploration before making a commitment to working with children. The text covers potentially problematic situations and the ideal educational background and personality traits of an effective child therapist. The different requirements placed on a therapist working with adults are also examined. **out of print**

Psychotherapy: Processes & Techniques Psychotherapy: Process & Techniques

Brems explains the full spectrum of situations trainees are likely to encounter, ranging from client assessment to crisis management, basic skills to treatment planning, all within a context of ethical, legal, and cultural issues. This book is an excellent introduction to the complex and subtle skills usually taught only through practicum and internship courses. **out of print**

Dealing with Challenges in Psychotherapy & Counseling Dealing with Challenges in Psychotherapy & Counseling

Offers a source of practical strategies, safe interventions, and creative solutions to common challenges faced by mental health professionals in their day-to-day practice. Presents a conceptual framework for working with tough clinical and counseling situations, allowing practitioners of all theoretical orientations to deal with meeting new clients, issues of substance abuse and medical concerns, threats of suicide and violence, and child abuse.
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Basic Skills in Psychotherapy & Counseling Basic Skills in Psychotherapy & Counseling

Overview essentials of counseling and psychotherapy, and provides skills for working with clients. Outlines traits of successful counselors and therapists, then discusses self-awareness and self-care skills for potential therapists, including values clarification, cultural awareness, meditation and relaxation, and health personal habits. Describes skills to facilitate communication in psychotherapy and counseling, such as nonverbal and listening skills, verbal skills, and empathy.
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