James Donally

James Donally
Assistant Professor of Mathematics

PhD, Oregon State University; MS, University of Washington; BA, Reed College

Dr Donally served as Chair of the Department of Mathematical Sciences Committee for Lectures to Anchorage Schools and has tutored local engineers for the engineer-in-training examinations. He has also been a member of the American Physical Society and the Mathematical Association of America. Dr Donally concentrated his research on the mathematics of relativity theory and was the recipient of a grant from the physics department of the University of Arizona for a lecture series at UAA. He has always been interested in the mathematics of geodesic domes, which he builds as a hobby, and presented a paper to the spring 1990 meeting of the Mathematics Association of America in Portland entitled Generalizing Spherical Geodesic Domes.


 Geodesic Domes and Dome PlansGeodesic Domes and Dome Plans

This short but informative book covers the basic ideas and physics relating to geodesic domes. Included are several diagrams showing how to construct these domes.