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Ernestine Hayes
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Ernestine Hayes is a member of the Wolf House of the Kaagwaantaan Clan of the Lingit. She won a 2007 American Book Award, was a HAIL (Honoring Alaska Indigenous Literature) recipient, and was a finalist for the 2007 Kiriyama Prize, and the 2007 PEN Creative Non-Fiction Award. She is the author of published works of fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction. She was also a featured writer for the University of Alaska Southeast's Journal, Tidal Echoes.



 The Story of the Town Bear and the Forest BearThe Story of the Town Bear and the Forest Bear

A uniquely Alaskan work, tells the timeless tales of the dangers of giving up something we love for the promise of an easy life.

Aanka Xoodza ka Aasgutu Xoodzi Shkalneegi Aanka Xoodzi ka Aasgutu Xoodzi Shkalneegi

This is The Story of the Town Bear and the Forest Bear told in the Tlingit language.

 Blonde IndianBlonde Indian

In the spring, the bear returns to the forest, the glacier returns to its source, and the salmon returns to the fresh water where it was spawned. Drawing on the special relationship that the Native people of the southeastern Alaska have always had with nature, Blonde Indian is a story about returning. Told in eloquent layers that blend Native stories and metaphor with social and spiritual journeys, this enchanting memoir traces the author's life from her difficult childhood growing up in the Tlingit community, through her adulthood, during which she lived for some time in Seattle and San Francisco, and eventually to her return home.
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 Juneau: Images of AmericaJuneau: Images of America

Juneau has not always been the capital of Alaska. In fact, Juneau has not always been Juneau. But the place nestled against the slopes of Mount Juneau and Mount Roberts, originally named Dzantiki Heeni, has always been picturesque and welcoming. After a successful strike triggered nearby mining claims in the 1880s, a makeshift camp grew on the waterfront to serve the needs of adventurers and gold-seekers.

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