Phyllis Fast

Phyllis Fast
Assistant Professor Anthropology

PhD, Harvard University; MA, University of Alaska Anchorage; BA, University of Alaska Fairbanks

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Dr Fast's research interests are related to Alaska Native peoples, literary, visual and performance arts, as well as areas of transnational political and social economy as it related to indigenous peoples, particularly in the area of gender relations. Dr Fast studied both western and Alaska Native art and developed a career as a gallery artist in Anchorage.



 Northern Athabascan SurvivorsNorthern Athabascan Survivors

The Northern Athabascan people of the Alaskan interior and the Yukon have survived centuries of contact and attempted domination by outsiders. Their lives today are rich in meaning and tradition yet are also complicated by numerous challenges such as poverty, alcoholism, domestic violence, suicide, and troubled leadership.

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