Michael Haley

Michael Haley
Professor of English

PhD, Florida State University

Dr Haley specializes in linguistics, semiotics, stylistics, and figurative language.




 Noam ChomskyNoam Chomsky

An exploration of the genesis and meaning of Noam Chomsky's contributions to the study of linguistics and his influence on political thought. Based largely on interviews with Chomsky, the authors do a fine job in describing how his thinking evolved and what it meant to the advancement of linguistics.

The Peirce Seminar Papers The Peirce Seminar Papers, vol. 1

Since the modern founding of the theory of signs by the American philosopher scientist Charles Sanders Peirce (1837-1914), the field of semiotics has become increasingly prominent as a method of interdisciplinary research and study, bridging the humanities, the fine arts, and the natural and social sciences.

The Peirce Seminar Papers, vol 2 The Peirce Seminar Papers, vol. 2

Volume two reflects the continuing appeal of Peirce's sign theory bringing together as they do a great variety of authors from all over the world whose aim is to set the stage for a productive collaboration among linguists and cognitive scientists.