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Hiroko Harada
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Ed Allen grew up in New England and in the suburbs of New York. He received his undergraduate degree from Goddard College in Vermont in 1971, and attended the Program in Creative Writing at the University of Iowa in 1972 receiving his MA and his PhD from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. He has published two novels: Straight Through the Night and Mustang Sally. That latter novel was made into the 2003 movie Easy Six (retitled in the Showtime DVD release as Easy Sex). He is also the author of The Hands-On Fiction Workbook. His fiction and poetry have appeared in such magazines as The New Yorker, GQ, Story, Prairie Schooner, The Indiana Review, and River Styx. His collection of short stories, Ate it Anyway, was a winner of the 2002 Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction. His first collection of poetry, the sonnet sequence 67 Mixed Messages was published by Ahsahta Press in 2006. A former three-day contestant on Jeopardy, he currently teaches in the creative writing program at the University of South Dakota.



 Aspects of Post-War German and Japanese Drama: Reflections on War, Guilt, and ResponsibilityAspects of Post-War German and Japanese Drama: Reflections on War, Guilt, and Responsibility

Against the background of post-war literary developments in Germany and Japan, this study compares several representative dramas. These playwrights attempt to come to terms with military defeat, betrayal by leaders, wartime atrocities, holocaust, blindness, and individual responsibility.

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