Stephen Jackstadt

Stephen Jackstadt
Professor Center for Economic Education

Ed D, Indiana University; MA, University of California at Los Angeles; M Ed, University of Hawaii; BA, University of California at Los Angeles

Dr Jackstadt's teaching experience includes Indiana University, secondary schools in Hawaii, and elementary schools in Los Angeles. He has also worked as a research economist in private industry. Dr Jackstadt is a member of the National Association of Economic Educators, the American Economic Association, and the Association for Private Enterprise Education.





 Adventures in the Alaska EconomyAdventures in the Alaska Economy

Adventures in the Alaska Economy is a helpful, visual guide of economics.  Laid out in a comic book style, this publication was developed to increase students' understanding of basic economic concepts and of the historical development of Alaska's economy.  This is historical fiction.  Major events such as the Klondike gold rush and the rise and fall of the Bering sea whaling fishery occurred as described.  This was a collaboration between Dr. Jackstadt and Dr. Huskey.