Elaine Maimon

Elaine Maimon
Chancellor of the University of Alaska Anchorage (2004-2007)

PhD, University of Pennsylvania; MA, University of Pennsylvania; BA, University of Pennsylvania

During her tenure at UAA, Dr. Maimon and her team streamlined university processes and practices through an "Idea Bank" campaign, a bureaucracy-busting plan that promotes a student-centered environment. In addition, she articulated the idea of the university as a Public Square, a plan integrating the university and the community.







 The New McGraw-Hill HandbookThe New McGraw-Hill Handbook

Today's students don't just write papers; they create multimedia presentations. They don't just do research; they sift through a mountain of online information. They don't just read print texts; they analyze visual information of all kinds. With the new standards being set for today's students, shouldn't today's students have the new standard in college handbooks?

A Writer's Resource A Writer's Resource

A new standard for writing, A Writer's Resource, integrates coverage of visual rhetoric and writing for college throughout tabs 2 and 3, with models for the kinds of writing students will be doing in college, as well as guidance on how to understand and use visual information in rhetorical contexts.

Writing Intensive Writing Intensive

Writing Intensive continues to set the bar for contemporary handbooks. Writing and research have changed dramatically since the first hardcover handbooks appeared. Today's students don't rely on pens or typewriters: they use computers to write. They don't just do research: they find their way through a maze of online information. They don't just read print: they analyze visuals. They don't just come to class: they participate in an online learning community. These changes have put new demands on composition courses. With its focus on writing in today's environment, integrated coverage of technology and visual rhetoric, hallmark coverage of writing across the curriculum, and pocket-sized format Writing Intensive has been designed to provide today's students with a concise, convenient resource for writing in college and beyond.