Judith Moore
English Department

PhD, Cornell University; MA, Cornell University; BA, University of Oklahoma

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Dr Moore has taught at UAA, State University College of New York at Oswego, and Fisk University. She is the author of numerous articles and short stories and a study of conflicts in the development of professional nursing in Victorian England.


 A Zeal for ResponsibilityA Zeal for Responsibility: The Struggle for Professional Nursing in Victorian England, 1868-1883

"...The idealized image of Florence Nightingale tending the wounded of the Crimean War is perhaps the most enduring symbol in the history of nursing. Yet this vision of the tender "Lady with the Lamp" does not represent the more vital tradition of confrontation and reform that marked not only Nightingale's career but also those of the many other assertive, self-sacrificing, and principled women of her day who fought for improved nursing education and practice. Together, these women brought about a revolution in British nursing, forging the reforms that made possible professional nursing as it exists today..."
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The Appearance of Truth The Appearance of Truth: The Story of Elizabeth Canning and Eighteenth-Century Narrative

The disappearance and subsequent trial of Elizabeth Canning in 1753 set off a train of events that led to a public obsession with her case. Most writers (from Tobias Smollett to the mystery novelist Josephine Tey) have taken her guilt for granted, but this work brings that judgement into question by examining the case and its documentary history.
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