Arsenio Rey Tejerina

Arsenio Rey Tejerina
Professor Emeritus of Foreign Languages (Romance)

PhD, New York University; MA, Univeridad Maria Cristina, Spain; BA, Escolasticade El Pilar, Spain

Dr Rey has numerous journal articles, books, reviews, and professional presentations to his credit.





 Alaska: NutkaAlaska: Nutka

This book explores the discovery of the Pacific Northwest of  America by several Spanish navigators mainly from 1774 onward, just after  Vitus Bering who barely touched Alaska in 1741 and soon perished on his way  back to Russia. The Mexican Viceroy was concerned with the Russian  encroachment on what they always considered the backyard of the Spanish Empire and sent eight expeditions to Alaska between that year and the first  decade of the 19th century. There are a few illustrations and maps.

Tomas de Suria: In the Expedition of Malaspina to Alaska 1791 Tomas de Suria: In the Expedition of Malaspina to Alaska 1791

Tomas de Suria (1761-1844) was an illustrator in the Alessandro Malaspina's expedition. This scientific expedition explored the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. The book is filled with his detailed and colorful drawings of the fascinating people they met. While the body of Tomas de Suria is in Spanish, there is a long introduction in both English and Catalonian.

Women Writers of Spain Women Writers of Spain

This annotated bio-bibliographical guide provides long-overdue recognition for women writers of Spain, including special entries on those writing in Catalan and Galician. By familiarizing readers with the content and meaning of selected works by three hundred such writers; readers and students of Spanish literature now have access to works which may be judged as excellent examples of the literature of their age, yet have previously received little or no attention.