Tod Risley

Tod Risley
Professor of Psychology

PhD, University of Washington; MS, University of Washington; BA, Sand Diego State University

A contributor to research in the care and treatment of children and disabled persons, Dr. Risley authored more than 100 professional articles and book chapters, five books, and monographs which have been widely cited and reprinted. He is known for his early work with autistic and other severely disabled children, for his later and continuing work on living environments for children and adults, and for his organization of human services programs. He has introduced many new procedures or concepts to the professional literature, including time out, incidental teaching, correspondence training, engagement measures, multiple baseline research designs, and applied behavior analysis.


 Meaningful DifferencesMeaningful Differences

While controversy persists over the nature of intelligence and the efficacy of welfare programs, Meaningful Differences refocuses the debate with incredible findings. This remarkable work establishes a scientifically substantiated link between children's early family experience and their later intellectual growth -- a link that exists regardless of a child's race.